Social Work

…with your expertise and persistence, you’ll break through red tape and barriers and create change for the better–and more importantly, create hope–in the lives of others.


Congratulations on earning your degree in social work. You’re now ready to enter an indispensable career field that will bring great challenges and rewards to your life. As a social worker you are the advocate and conduit to change for those who may not have the wherewithal or resources to understand and do what’s best for them—or their living situation.

And you may well become the greatest gift that has ever happened to them as you help them improve their quality of life and navigate difficult roadblocks to find the help they need. Being an advocate for others brings great responsibility and resourcefulness on your part. You’ll maneuver time and budget constraints and juggle caseloads that only a super power could handle as you assess date and develop treatment plans for your clients.

But with your expertise and persistence, you’ll break through red tape and barriers and create change for the better—and more importantly, create hope—in the lives of others. What could be more fulfilling?

Social Workers

Job Growth



Social Worker Jobs

in the U.S. by 2031

You’ve also joined a career field that is set to grow faster than average over at least the next decade. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 7.4% job growth for social workers, which is faster than average for all careers. The BLS projects that there will be more social worker jobs in the U.S. by 2031 because social workers will be needed to help the aging population and their families. And, as treatment for mental illness and other sociological issues becomes more relevant, social workers will assist these patients, as well as drug offenders who are sent to treatment programs rather than facing incarceration.


To help you perform your best on a daily basis, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to resources for social workers. You’ll find everything you need to connect with professionals and groups who are experts in the field. Here you can find professional organizations for social workers, learn about continuing education, get advice from your chosen social network who have been through the same experiences—and learn to stay on top of your game in this in-demand interdisciplinary profession.

Social Work Networking Resources

Network of Professional Social Workers

Network of Professional Social Workers

Join the Network of Professional Social Workers to connect with social workers around the globe. Find support and participate in discussions in this Linkedin group.

Social Work Action Network

Social Work Action Network

UK-based Social Work Action Network holds regular conferences, campaigns and events. Stay connected with videos and articles no matter where you are.

International Federation of Social Workers

Share resources and form discussion groups with the help of the International Federation of Social Workers’ online networking tool.

Network for Social Work Management

Connect at the local and national level when you become a member of the Network for Social Work Management. Webinars and professional development included.

National Association of Social Workers

This brief article from the National Association of Social Workers offers facts on networking benefits and suggests ways to network effectively in the field of social work.

My Social Work Network

Use My Social Work Network’s Linkedin page to create a professional profile, search for jobs and connect with others. Users can also search for other social workers and post videos and resources.

Networking doesn’t have to stop at websites. Social work professionals can use apps to connect and find jobs. Read this article to learn about the latest technology.

Social Work Blogs

Political Social Worker

Boasting more than 3,000 unique visitors a month, the Political Social Worker blog dives into topics related to politics, macro social work and more.

Social Work Career

Tap into the many resources on the Social Work Career blog. Social workers can find information on everything form the LMSW exam to personal growth.

The Masked AMHP

Curious how mental health professionals and social workers operate in other countries? Peek inside this British blogger’s world.

Community Care: The Social Work Blog

Social workers face many challenges in their profession. This blog explores topics such as pay, working conditions and job stress.

National Association of Social Workers

Stay current on the latest issues affecting social workers. The National Association of Social Workers’ blog includes viewpoints on news affecting the nation and much more.

Inspired Social Work

Expect nothing but truth from this hospital social worker. This blog explores the challenges social workers face and offers inspiration and support to readers.

Social Workers Speak

Social Workers Speak is a cornucopia of useful information. From expert interviews to research roundups, this blog will keep you coming back for more.

Social Work Tech

The author of the Social Work Tech blog hopes to demystify technology as it relates to social work. Learn how technology can be instrumental in personal and professional development.

Career Information

Social Work Career Center

Need help with your resume? Not sure how to market yourself? Interested in salary trends? Find this information and more at the Social Work Career Center.

Hartford National Center on Gerontological Social Work Excellence

Geriatric social workers can find career resources specifically geared to their specialization. Learn more about the field and how it’s evolving.

National Association of Social Workers

The California chapter of the National Association of Social Workers provides users with career resources, degree information and professional development links.

American Sociological Association

Become a member of the American Sociological Association (ASA) and gain free access to the ASA job bank. Or, utilize the ASA’s employment service which allows job seekers and employers to meet before the annual meeting.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Interested in what the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes has to say about social worker career? This overview page is a good starting point.

U.S. News & World Report

Learn why U.S. News & World Report ranks Child and Family Social Worker as #8 in best social services jobs. Salary and education information are included on the page.

Social Worker Job Bank

Designed for job seekers and employers, this career portal backed by The New Social Worker magazine has updated job postings, articles and resources. Start searching now.

Social Work Career Quiz

Curious about social work careers, education and laws? Take this true-or-false quiz to test your knowledge and learn new information about the field.

U.S. Navy

As a Navy social worker, you’ll work with members of the Navy and their families. Support those who serve while building your career as a clinical social worker.

Looking for resume inspiration? Check out the sample resume of a social worker on Tips and templates available.

Princeton Review

Get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a social worker today and years from now. The Princeton Review provides a thorough explanation on what you can expect in this helping profession.

Help Starts Here

For a clear explanation on what it means to be a social worker, look no further than Help Starts Here from the National Association of Social Workers. A brief article explores the various layers of the profession.

Search for jobs, volunteer opportunities and internships. Use to find your next social work experience or career path.

Association of Social Work Boards

A career in social work can’t begin until you’ve obtained licensing in your state. Find everything you need to know from the Association of Social Work Boards.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes pay, job outlook and other detailed career information about social workers. It’s the go-to source for career stats in the United States.


Find straightforward career information about child, family and school social workers. Published by O*Net, readers can browse tasks, tools and technology used on the job and detailed worked activities.

Social Work Tech

One social worker shares technology tools he’s developed for his own practice. Topics include grief, self assessment and self-care.

Social Work p.r.n.

A staffing agency dedicated specifically to the field of social work, Social Work p.r.n. partners with employers and social workers. Find featured jobs and other resources.

National Association of Social Workers

Start your social work career on the right foot (before you graduate). Tap into the National Association of Social Workers’ Student Center to find information on careers, leadership and credentials.

Social Work Test Prep

Prepping for the social work licensing exam? Make this your first stop. Social Work Test Prep has free practice tests, study guides and tips. You can even connect with others in your area.

U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force provides employment opportunities for clinical social workers interested in helping Airmen and their families. Check the site for qualification requirements.

Social Work Exam

The primary mission at Social Work Exam is to provide all of the resources you’ll need to help you pass your exam. Find study materials, practice exams and more.

Social Work History

National Association of Social Workers

Scan this bulleted list of social work history facts from the National Association of Social Workers. Learn how it all started and find out who the trailblazers were.

The Huffington Post

Co-authored by a community organizer and social work professor, this Huffington Post article examines the roots of social work and how community-based practices can be implemented today.

Encyclopedia of Social Work

How did social work develop? When did it change? Find answers to these questions and more within the Encyclopedia of Social Work, a publication of the National Association of Social Workers Press and Oxford University Press.

University of Southern California

Women have always been major contributors to social work practice. In this quick read by the University of Southern California, learn more about the 9 most influential women in the history of social work, from Jane Addams to Senator Barbara Mikulski.

New World Encyclopedia

Family welfare, school social work and community practice are a few of the topics examined in the New World Encyclopedia’s social work entry. A comprehensive source with solid references.


This 12-minute video explores social justice and the beginnings of social work in the U.S. The video outlines historical figures, child labor, hospital social work and important moments in history.


In this SlideShare presentation, readers will find a comprehensive look at social work’s history and social welfare. The 110-slide deck looks at the evolution of the profession in the Philippines, Europe and the U.S.

Social Work Today

Social Work Today delves deeper into the profession’s history with a look at ethics. Learn how things have evolved (the NASW’s Code of Ethics was once only one page long!) and how the digital age impacts social work.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

A world leader in hospitals, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center honors National Social Work Month with an easy-to-read timeline of the profession. Start your journey in 1869 thanks to this quick history lesson.

Social Work Research

Social Work Policy Institute

Nothing that “research informs professional practice,” the Social Work Policy Institute devotes an entire page to information related to social work topics like homelessness and child trauma.

Center for Workforce Studies

NASW’s Center for Workforce Studies aims to conduct research, disseminate information and promote professional development. Browse their site for useful research studies.

University of New England

Tap into the many research resources culled together by the University of New England. From social work research methods to research in specific situations, you’ll find a wealth of information.

Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis

Anyone entering the social work profession should have an understanding of the National Center for Social Work Research Act of 2004. This page from the Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis provides background.

National Association of Social Workers

The Practice Research Network, launched by NASW, examines social work issues using research. Have a look at past surveys about social work income, demographics and other related topics.

Council on Social Work Education

As a leader in research, the Council on Social Work Education has a clear stance on research integrity in social work. Read about responsible conduct, peer reviews and publication practices, among other topics.

Professional Organizations

National Association of Social Workers

Boasting more than 132,000 members, the National Association of Social Workers promotes professional development, sets professional standards and works in advocacy. Membership includes access to journals and discounts on training.

American Clinical Social Work Association

The American Clinical Social Work Association is open to students and practitioners. Become a member and connect with others in the field, enjoy discounts on publications and set up a profile.

Clinical Social Work Association

The Clinical Social Work Association (CSWA) promotes “identity, integrity and parity.” Check in with the CSWA for legislative updates, news from state affiliates and the latest announcement

National Association of Black Social Workers

Founded in the 1960s, the National Association of Black Social Workers is committed to advocacy, research and human services. The site includes facts on membership, local chapters and careers.

Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care

With seven chapters across the country, the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care aims to provide continuing education, mentorships and support to its members.

School Social Work Association of America

The School Social Work Association of America’s site is chock full of useful information, including webinars, tax documents and membership benefits. Learn more about the association’s advocacy efforts and take action through the site.

Social Work Hospice & Palliative Care Network

Get the latest information about palliative and hospice care by becoming a member of the Social Work Hospice & Palliative Care Network. Read news, visit the career center and access resources about programs and practice standards.

National Association of Puerto Rican Hispanic Social Workers

The National Association of Puerto Rican Hispanic Social Workers has a clear focus: The welfare of Puerto Rican and Hispanic families. By becoming a member, you join an active organization that promotes cultural activities and runs immigration law workshops.

National Organization of Forensic Social Work

Using conferences, newsletters and networking, the National Organization of Forensic Social Work works to promote advancement in the field. A unique aspect of the social work profession, forensics allows you to work with law makers and in the criminal justice system.

Society for Social Work

The Society for Social Work (SSWR) and Research offers members a robust collection of resources. Join SSWR and attend the annual conference, access job postings and more. Membership is open to students and professionals.

Podcasts and Videos

Social Work Podcast

For fascinating interviews and comprehensive information on social worker, become a regular listener of the Social Work Podcast hosted by Jonathan Singer, Ph.D., LCSW.


In 2014, Frontline created a 3-minute film showcasing young people who were positively impacted by social workers. It’s nothing short of inspiring.

The New Social Worker

The New Social Worker may be a magazine, but it’s online presence also includes helpful videos for social workers. Visit the site to view the latest uploads.

Children’s Social Work Matters

Want to learn more about children’s social work? Hear from social workers in the field and get tips on interviewing. Plus, go beyond videos and explore an entire site devoted to children’s social work.

National Association of Social Worker

Popular uploads, playlists and dozens of videos about social work can all be found on the National Association of Social Worker’s YouTube channel.

University of Buffalo

In this bi-weekly podcast series produced by the University of Buffalo’s School of Social Work, viewers can choose from more than 190 episodes that delve into topics like adult-sibling relationships and environmental justice.


“This Could Be You: The Many Faces of Social Work” is a short video that includes interviews with social work students, a private practice social worker and school social worker.

Social Care Institute for Excellence

Get a deeper understanding of social work with these videos produced by the Social Care Institute for Excellence. Topics include children and families and adult services.


Steve Perry, author of “Push Has Come to Shove: Getting Our Kids the Education They Deserve,” discusses the impact social workers can have on minority and impoverished communities.

International Federation of Social Workers

Although 2015’s World Social Work Day has passed, visitors to the International Federation of Social Workers’ (IFSW) site can view inspiring videos from IFSW leaders.

National Association of Social Workers

View testimonial videos from social workers around the country. The series of videos were posted by the National Association of Social Workers in honor of Social Work Month.


From human rights activists to musicians, choose from a range of TED Talks about social work. Speakers include Kyrsten Sinema, John Legend and Clint Smith.

Social Media and Forums

Social Work Today

Social workers in the 21st century deal with unique obstacles their predecessors didn’t encounter. Read this in-depth article about using social media responsibly.

National Association of Social Workers

Stay informed by following the National Association of Social Workers’ Twitter feed. The group addresses topical events and posts regular updates.

Social Work Today

Social Work Today magazine is on Twitter. The publication examines issues affecting the profession and highlights successes.

Social Work Helper

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Social Work Helper Deona Hooper tweets and retweets observations and news about social work.

The Network of Professional Social Workers

Use this Facebook page to connect with social workers around the globe. The Network of Professional Social Workers uses their page to update users on events like Social Work Month.

Social Workers Unite

Social Workers Unite do just that on this Facebook page. Support other social workers and connect with educators and advocates.

Social Work Today

Social Work Today magazine is on Facebook. Get the latest updates from the publication that examines issues affecting the profession and highlights successes.

Social Work Helper

With all its social media stories posted on one page, it’s easy to see what Social Work Helper has been up to. With a view count, you can see what the most popular posts are.

Council on Social Work Education

Want to talk about a social work topic, challenge or success? Participate in the Council on Social Work Education’s discussion forums and connect with others.’s social work jobs forum is an active online space where users can ask questions, vent frustrations and talk to other social workers.


The social work forum on GradCafe is perfect for aspiring and current students. Ask questions about schools and programs and get advice.

My Social Work Network

Dig into another robust Facebook network for social workers. My Social Work Network allows you to search for jobs and share resources.


New Social Worker

If you’re a social work student or recent graduate, tap into the New Social Worker blog. Its content is aimed at people who are new to the field and need information on careers.

NASW Press

NASW Press publishes journals, books and reference materials. Publications include Workplace Bullying: Clinical and Organizational Perspectives and Social Work Practice in Child Welfare: The Interactional Model.

Social Work Today

Peruse Social Work Today’s online articles. The site provides article archives, web exclusives and access to articles in the current issue.

Journal of Social Work Education

Members can access the Journal of Social Work Education both in print and online. The publication has 3,500 subscribers and focuses on trends and problems within social work education.

Social Work Policy Institute

Tap into the Social Work Policy Institute’s archive of reports to find information on racial equality, doctoral degrees in social work and policy.

Journal of Social Work

Trending themes, research and theory are key components in the Journal of Social Work. The peer-reviewed publication promotes the debate of ideas in its issues.

Social Work and Society

Search current and archived issues of Social Work and Society. The international online journal addresses topics such as drug use, orphan care and marginalized youth.

Qualitative Social Work

Qualitative Social Work offers insight qualitative research and approaches used in social work practice. Refer to this journal for information on emerging applications, among other topics.

International Social Work

International Social Work examines social development and human services around the world. Research focuses on how services are delivered and the role of social workers.

Child & Family Social Work

Recently published articles, abstracts and the latest issues of Child & Family Social Work can be found on this page. Learn what researchers are saying about the welfare of children and their families across the globe.

NASW Press

Find out more detailed information about NASW Press’ main publications, including Social Work, Children & Schools and Social Work Research.

Research on Social Work

Research on Social Work publishes information related to assessment methods in social work and the outcomes. Online issues are published before print editions.