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The 31 Most Harmful Drugs

Humans have been using drugs since time immemorial. This has prompted researchers to study which drugs are most harmful to us.
Social Work Resources

Social Work Resources

To help you perform your best on a daily basis, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to resources for social workers.
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Social Worker Trends

Current social work trends have developed in response to societal factors related to economics, living standards, and other facets that play a role in our day-to-day lives.
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School Neuropsychology: “Brain-Based” School Psychology

The idea of school neuropsychology as a psychology subfield is somewhat new to the field, but may now be found as a specialization in psychology PhD programs.
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10 Therapist Personality Traits

Anyone considering a counselor or therapist career should ask themselves these 10 questions before enrolling in a program.
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When Freud Met Jung

Freud and Jung had very different approaches to psychology, but both are considered to be the founders of the modern psychoanalytic movement
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Psychology Specialties

So, you know you want to go into the field of psychology. But do you know what you want to specialize in? Take a look at some of your options.
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Online Psychology Professor Profile

An online psychology professor addresses the misperceptions about getting a degree online, and the opportunities they afford for students and teachers.
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How Social Media Helps and Hurts Us

Mental health professionals are on the front lines of seeing how patients cope with 24/7 social media. Take a look at what they're facing.
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Differences Between a Therapist and Psychologist

Therapist vs. psychologist—what’s the difference? Both strive for the same result: to improve people’s lives, but there are differences. Read what they are.
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Types of Counseling

“Counseling” is a very broad category that encompasses many opportunities in any number of counseling subfields. Here are some of the most common.
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Forensic Psychology – Five Myths and Truths

Forensic psychology is a rapidly-growing specialty within psychological practice—but how much do you really know about the field?
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PsyD vs. PhD: What’s the Difference?

What makes PhD and PsyD degrees different and how do you choose what’s right for you? Learn about the similarities and differences.
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Cost of Clinical Psychology School

Like purchasing a car or home, you have a choice when it comes to how much to spend on your graduate school education.