Master’s Degrees in Psychology Programs

Learn about different types of master’s degrees in psychology.


A master’s degree in psychology requires at least two years of full-time graduate study.

But different programs—accelerated degrees and online education programs, for example—may allow for more flexible timelines and, because you work at your own pace and schedule, might allow you to earn your master’s degree in a shorter period of time.

Just be sure as you do your research for programs that your school or graduate degree program is accredited. This will ensure you can file for financial aid—and that you’ll edge the competition when you apply for a job.

Attend an Accredited School

When considering psychology graduate schools, you will want to select a school that is an accredited institution. Researching accreditation is an important step in choosing the right psychology program. Graduating from an accredited master’s degree program will give both you and your future employer the assurance that you’ve gained the knowledge and skills to succeed in a career in psychology.

Coursework Requirements

Coursework for a master’s in psychology generally includes the following curriculum:

  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Social sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Physical sciences

You will also need to complete a clinical internship and a thesis based on original research. Psychologists with a master’s degree may work in the industrial-organizational field or as psychological assistants.


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