What Online Psych Degrees are Available?

Find out what kinds of psychology degrees you can get online.


There are many reasons for getting your online psych degree instead of in a traditional classroom.

Besides convenience and schedule, it has been proven that those who get a degree online from an accredited college or university earn more than those who choose not to pursue a degree in their chosen field.

But salary isn’t the only reason to pursue your psychology degree online. Here are five big reasons why getting a degree in psychology from an accredited online school might be the wisest education decision you’ll ever make:

  • You’ll save money by not having to commute. You’ll save the cost of fuel—and campus parking fees.
  • If you have a family and work life, you can plan your online degree studies on your timeline instead of the other way around.
  • Online college degree fees might not cost as much as traditional college fees and financial aid or employee tuition reimbursement programs may be available.
  • Your online degree from an accredited college or university holds as much value as a degree from a traditional institution.
  • You might your degree faster online because you aren’t set to a traditional classroom schedule. You set your own pace.

Online Associate’s Programs

Those who have their associate’s degree earn on average $120,000 more in their lifetime than counterparts who have only earned high school diplomas, according to MSNmoney.com.

You won’t be able to pursue much of a career in psychology with an associate’s degree. But this type of degree, which generally takes about two years to complete and is a great starting point, is offered at all junior and community colleges, as well as online and through vocational, technical and four-year colleges.

Online Bachelor’s Programs

Professionals holding their bachelor’s degree make on average over $300,000 more in their lifetime than non-degree holding professionals.

These degrees usually take about four years or roughly 120 credits to complete. Here is the most common online psychology bachelor’s:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)—This degree is available in almost every field of psychology.
  • Bachelor of Science (BS)—This degree is earned in more scientific and technical areas of psychology such as Cognitive Psychology.

Online Master’s Programs

Master’s students walk away with a degree that will earn them (on average) $180,000 more over their lifetime than people in the same field who hold their bachelor’s degree. A student who gets a master’s degree will find many more career options in the field of psychology than a student with a bachelor’s degree.

Typical degrees in psychology that are available online at the master’s level are:

  • Master of Science (MS)—This degree pertains to areas such as school psychology, counseling, and social psychology.
  • Master of Arts (MA)—A Master of Arts in psychology prepares you for a career in sports psychologyor general psychology.

Online Doctorate Programs

Postgraduate degree professional earn 45 percent more than those with a bachelor’s degree. If you’ve decided to make your education a career of its own, pursuing a doctorate—the highest academic degree available—is a great career goal.

Online doctoral degrees take anywhere from three to 10 years to complete and demand a varying number of academic credit requirements depending on the subject. The degree usually culminates in an intensive written exam and/or a doctoral thesis or dissertation presented (and defended) to a body of distinguished academics.

Typical degrees in psychology that are available online at the doctoral level are:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)—This degree is awarded in fields such as public health and psychology.
  • Doctor of Education (EdD)—The EdD prepares students for a career in fields such as special education, counseling psychology and school psychology.


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