Social Work Overview: Quick Facts

Thinking of a career in social work? It takes a distinct personality type to do the job. See if you fit the role.

What You'll Do

  • Help people cope with and solve everyday problems
  • Help with adjustments and transitions
  • Advocate for clients' well-being
  • Work with clients to develop goals and plans of action
  • Research and refer clients to community resources
  • Diagnose psychological, behavioral and emotional disorders

Social workers are the guardians and advocates for others' welfare. They play a vital role in the health and welfare of individuals, families and neighborhoods. They protect rights of people who may have difficulties speaking up for themselves, or finding access to the mental and health resources they need. The roles of social workers often vary, but you'll need compassion, integrity and diligence to overcome obstacles on others' behalf. Here are some personal and professional traits you'll need to succeed in social work.

You are... You should have...


Excellent goal-setting skills


Good ethical standards




Good boundaries


Excellent communication skills

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