School Psychology Overview: Quick Facts

Are you interested in school psychology? Read our quick facts about the profession and see if it's a good fit for you.

What You'll Do

  • Work with children and teenagers in grades K-12
  • Work with young adults in secondary and higher education
  • Promote academic, career, personal and social development
  • Diagnose and treat behavioral disorders
  • Develop goals and treatment plans
  • Meet with parents and teachers to discuss learning, behavioral, familial and social problems
  • Study and implement behavioral management techniques
  • Research and implement learning programs

Sometimes school-aged people need more support than they can receive from their school or guidance counselor. That's where school psychologists come in. Psychologists have the authority to diagnose and treat mental, emotional and psychological disorders that may be at the root of problems that young people face in school. Working to improve academic and social performance and overall well-being is the school psychologists' important role. Learn which personal and professional traits you'll need to succeed in this career.

You are... You should have...


Motivational skills


Clear communication skills


Goal-setting skills


Good boundaries

A problem solver

Good ethical standards

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