Mental Health Counseling Overview: Quick Facts

Thinking of a career as a mental health counselor? See if your personality and counseling add up to a good fit.

What You'll Do

  • Work with individuals, groups and communities
  • Encourage clients to discuss emotions and experiences
  • Examine issues like substance abuse, anger management, depression and relationships
  • Help clients define goals, plan action and gain insight
  • Refer clients to psychologists and other services
  • Take a holistic (mind-body) approach to wellness

Compassion for others and a desire to help them through difficult times will help you succeed as a mental health counselor. Counselors play a vital role in a variety of community settings. Their deep commitment to improving daily life benefits every community. Learn which personal and professional traits you'll need to succeed in this career.

You are...You should have...
Patient Clear communication skills
Supportive Goal-setting skills
Compassionate Good boundaries
Empathic Good ethical standards
An excellent listener Motivational skills

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