Counseling Overview: Quick Facts

Are you interested in a career as a counselor? See if you could be right for this exciting role.

What You'll Do

  • Meet with individuals and groups to discuss emotional, behavioral or psychological issues
  • Discuss clients' goals for treatment
  • Talk about issues like relationships, family, depression, and  substance abuse
  • Help clients gain insight by listening and prompting
  • Help clients plan a course of action to meet their goals
  • Chart client progress
  • Refer clients to psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Take a holistic (mind-body) approach to wellness

Sometimes, having an objective listener makes all the difference. That's what counselors do—they listen to people's concerns, discover their goals, and offer suggestions for dealing with life changes or stressful situations. Good counselors motivate and encourage their patients. Increasingly, counselors focus on mind-body wellness, helping people to be "present," which aids in personal understanding. As a counselor, you can work with everyone from children to married couples to the elderly, and in as many different environments as there are types of people.  If you're interested in this vital career, learn which personal and professional traits you’ll need to succeed as a counselor.

You are... You should have...
Empathetic Strong interpersonal skills
Compassionate Strong verbal skills
Supportive Goal-setting skills
Understanding Good boundaries
A problem solver High ethical standards

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