Counseling State Licensure Boards

Read our quick reference guide to counseling license requirements by state.

Know Your State's Counseling License Requirements

map of usa for counseling licensure requirement by state

Below is a quick reference guide to the state licensure boards for professional counselors.

Before choosing a counseling degree, be sure your program satisfies the counseling license requirements in your state and learn whether or not your area of counseling psychology needs to hold state-level counseling licensure.

For example, mental health counselors are required to have a counseling license, while vocational counselors may not. Counselor requirements vary for each state, so be sure you research requirements needed in where you would like to practice; also be sure to check any national licensing boards, as there may be a difference in criteria.

Found Your State? Now Get Your Counseling License

Now that you have the official requirements for the state in which you'd like to begin—or relocate—your counseling practice in, it's time to put your plan for your counseling career future into action.

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