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Psychology Careers

Clinical Psychology

Understanding what makes people tick requires a passion for constant learning, and a desire to apply that knowledge to help others in a clinical setting. Find answers to your questions in our Clinical Psychology Guide.


Sometimes, having an objective listener makes all the difference. That's what counselors do—they listen to people's concerns and offer suggestions for dealing with life changes or stressful situations. Here's how to join the field.

Forensic Psychology

If you're passionate about psychology and excited by the prospect of working within the criminal justice system, a career in forensic psychology might appeal to you. It's also one of the fastest growing psychology subfields.

Marriage and Family Therapy

With patience and care, marriage and family therapists can make a huge difference in a family's health and well-being. Research all your marriage and family therapy career and degree options here.

Mental Health Counseling

We all face challenges throughout our lives. Often, mental health counselors will be one of the first resources available to people in need of emotional and psychological support. Here's what you'll do and what you'll study. 

Organizational Psychology

Industrial-organizational psychologists work with employers and employees to improve their businesses and quality of life for their workers.I/O psychology is one of the fastest growing subfields of psychology.

School Counseling

If you want to help kids reach their academic, personal and social potential, consider this challenging and rewarding career route.The School Counseling Guide offers information on degrees and working in the field.

School Psychology

Sometimes school-aged people need more support than they can receive from their school or guidance counselor. That's where school psychologists come in. Here's what you'll study in school and what you'll do on the job.

Social Work

The roles of social workers often vary, but you'll need compassion, integrity and diligence to overcome obstacles on others' behalf.  Our Social Work Career Guide will tell you more about this noble profession.

substance abuse counseling session

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse counselors help people with alcohol, drug, gambling and eating disorders, helping people find strategies for embracing a healthy lifestyle free of addiction. Read all about degrees and careers.

Psychology School and Career Article Library

If you're interested in other psychology careers—from consumer psychology to developmental or sports psychology—search our article library. We've covered everything from types of psychology degrees to stories on Freud and Jung. We can help you prepare for your psychology school experience and subsequent career.